Curriculum Vitae

  Keishiro Fukushima

  March, 1946 Born in Yamaguchi Prefectural of Japan
  March,1964 Graduated Ube High School
  March, 1968 Graduated Tokyo University Law Department, Got Bachelor of Law
  April, 1968 Served for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(MAFF)
  June, 1985 Served for Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Councilor of Japanese Embassy in UK
  November, 1987 Appointed to Chairman of the ISO (United Nations International Sugar Organization)
  August, 1988 Got Certificate of International Relations of London International Relations School of University of South California
  July, 1995 Appointed to Vice-General Director of Livestock Industry Bureau, Agricultural Administration Bureau and Forestry Agency
  June, 1998 Appointed to General Director of Food Marketing Bureau(MAFF) (Established the Food waste Recycling Law)
  July, 2001 Elected Senator of Japan (Member of the House of Councilors)
  September, 2004 Appointed to Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs (Contributed to FTA Conclusion and Promotion, and United Nations Reform)
  April, 2005 Appointed to Vice-Chairman of Investigation Committee for Food Education (Established Basic Law of Food Education)
  June, 2006 Appointed to Chairman of Policy Board for Foreign Affairs of LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) (Enforced Sanction against North Korea’s Abduction of Japanese People, Established JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) Law Revision)
  October, 2008 Appointed to Waseda University Guest Professor (Food, Environment and Life Sciences)
  November, 2022 Established and Appointed to CEO of Bio-Energy-Reconstruction of Japan (Think Tunk)